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Depending on the condition of the home, we’ll tailor your move-in/out cleaning service to your needs.

Moving is a stressful time, whether you’re moving into a new home, moving out of an existing home, or doing both at the same time. As you’re getting ready to relocate, you have to pack up your stuff in boxes, arrange for a moving truck rental or a company to transport your items, and get everything you own moved into the new house. Along with all of these tasks, you also have to make sure the home you’re leaving behind is clean for the new residents or tenants, and potentially get your new residence clean and ready for moving day if the previous tenants have left it less-than-stellar.

Move In/Out Cleaning in Gastonia, North Carolina

At Fiv5 Star Cleaning, we’re here to take at least a portion of the stress of moving off your shoulders with our move-in/out cleaning services in Gastonia, North Carolina. Our well-trained and experienced team members know what you need when it comes to move-in/out cleaning, so we’ll follow a detailed checklist to make sure the home is ready for move-in or move-out day.

Depending on the condition of the home, we’ll tailor your move-in/out cleaning service to your needs. Options include deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, where most people worry about the presence of dirt and grime, as well as cleaning of appliances, fixtures, walls, doors, faucets, baseboards, and interior windows. We can also vacuum and clean the floors, which is especially important when you have young children playing on the flooring. For high-quality cleaning of your new home or the house you’re leaving behind, contact us at Fiv5 Star Cleaning for a quote for move-in/out cleaning services.

At Fiv5 Star Cleaning, we offer move-in/out cleaning services in Charlotte, ConcordCornelius, Gastonia, and Mooresville, North Carolina, as well as Rock Hill, South Carolina and Miami, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, Hollywood Beach, and Fisher Island, Florida.


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