Why Deep Cleaning Your Home Every Week is Important

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Something you should do every day is do a surface clean of your home, but did you know you should be doing a deep clean of your home about once a week? A surface clean is exactly what it sounds like– cleaning the dust and bacteria off the surfaces of your home. However, a deep clean is when you get rid of all the dirt, grime, bacteria and germs rooted in the areas of your home that aren’t regularly cleaned. With this in mind, here are a few reasons why deep cleaning your home weekly is important:

  • Better Air Quality- Did you know that when you neglect deep cleaning your home, your indoor air quality gets worse? The dust particles and allergens that build up in your home gather in the air and can cause allergies and illness. When you deep clean your home, you are keeping your air fresh and clean.

Why Deep Cleaning Your Home Every Week is Important

  • Help Your Home and Mood- An added benefit of deep cleaning your home is that you have the chance to go through stuff you don’t need any more. De-cluttering your home will make it easy to clean in the future and help uplift your mood. The less cluttered your home, the less cluttered your life is and the happier you are.
  • Avoid Pests- If you have areas in your home that you don’t regularly clean, there is a chance mold and mildew can build up there. Also, if you leave food crumbs lying around, this, along with mold and mildew, can attract rodents and bugs into your home. However, deep cleaning your home once a week can help prevent this from happening. Keep the bugs and rodents at bay by keeping a clean home.

As much as you might dislike the idea of deep cleaning that often, a weekly deep clean will really help keep your house in better shape. However, if you would rather someone else tackle your weekly deep clean, give us a call today at Fiv5 Star Cleaning. We will gladly take the task of deep cleaning off your hands.