No More 10-Second Rule: Deep Cleaning Makes Your Home Sparkle

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We all remember the classic rule from childhood: if you drop food onto the floor, there is a ten-second window of opportunity to snatch it back up before… well, before the germs attack, apparently. Whether that’s totally evidence-based on science or not is an entirely separate issue, but the importance of deep-cleaning a home on a schedule is actually quite crucial.

No More 10-Second Rule: Deep Cleaning Makes Your Home Sparkle

Homes can accumulate a tremendous amount of bacteria, dust, and germs after a relatively short time, and even with frequent quick cleanings, homeowners can often miss the heaviest, grimiest bits that lurk about. Corners, molding, the grout between tiles, behind the toilets, the tops of kitchen cabinets… the opportunities for built-up grime are endless and quite gross. We may not notice these tiny issues during the busyness of daily life, but it is important to set up a deep cleaning schedule throughout the year, particularly after an illness or before a special event (and sometimes, if it’s a wild party, after the special occasion).

Although quick cleanings can tackle some of the basic hygienic needs of a home, it’s really the deep cleaning that gets the full scope of the job done for a homeowner. Professional cleaning services like ours at Fiv5 Star Cleaning know how to tackle the deep cleaning that really makes a home showcase its very best.

Some of the usual cleaning tasks generally include top-to-bottom cleaning, such as dusting ceiling fans and window blinds, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming the baseboards and carpets, and scrubbing out any stains lurking on the rugs. However, deep cleaning really goes far beyond that. A professional cleaning service will deep-clean the inside of appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, freezer, etc.) and will often involve cleaning out or reorganizing pantries or kitchen cabinets if applicable.

Deep cleaning usually involves tasks that homeowners often forget, such as rotating or flipping the mattresses, changing air filters, washing curtains, cleaning out the dishwasher, scrubbing out the utensil holders, etc. Such a wide variety of tasks can often overwhelm a homeowner who has a tremendous amount on their plate, but professional cleaning services know exactly how to tackle these enormous jobs with confidence and experience.