The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring
Cleaning Services

Whether you are looking for regular home cleaning, someone to tackle that deep-cleaning project, or some seasonal cleaning, hiring a cleaning service is always a good idea. Our team of experts has been in the cleaning services business since 2007, so you could say that we have seen it all.

Our team of experts has been in the cleaning services

Hiring Cleaning Services: The Dos

  • Do prepare your home for the hired cleaning services by picking up clutter and making cleaning equipment (vacuum, etc.) easily accessible.
  • Do give specific instructions. If you want the cleaning services provider to focus on baseboards, tell them.
  • Do hire cleaning services who are licensed, insured and experienced.
  • Do set your price ahead of time, or, if working with a cleaning services company read the fine print on pricing policies.

Hiring Cleaning Services: The Don’ts

  • Do not leave your house a mess. Yes, the cleaning services are coming to clean, but to be able to get their job done, you need to clean up the clutter.
  • Do not hesitate to communicate with the cleaning team. If you have specific preferences, but fail to communicate them, you will likely be disappointed.
  • Don’t hire cleaning services without defining your budget and establishing pricing expectations prior to the service.
  • Don’t hire cleaning services who don’t have the experience and credentials you would prepare.

If you are in the market for professional cleaning services, check us out at Fiv5 Star Cleaning.