Move Over, Spring: Seasonal Cleaning is Here to Stay

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Somewhere, sometime, somehow back in history, an important person decided that spring cleaning would be set in stone for all future generations. It obviously makes quite a bit of sense, considering that after a long winter of everyone bundling up inside (at least those outside of the tropics, anyway), that it would be high-time to throw open all of the windows and get a fresh start as the weather softens and the temperatures climb.

Move Over, Spring: Seasonal Cleaning is Here to Stay

Times have changed, and we have evolved a bit from scrubbing ash off of a hearth where we once cooked our meals by candlelight. The necessity of spring cleaning has lessened and smoothly transitioned into seasonal cleaning, which tackles a variety of tasks based on the time of year.

  • Spring cleaning can consist of deep cleaning the home after a wintertime of dry air with tightly closed windows. Top tasks include cleaning out appliances, dusting surfaces and vacuuming, flipping mattresses, washing linens and curtains, and putting away seasonal items.
  • Summer cleaning is a different beast entirely. With the inclusion of more outdoor life, summer cleaning often requires frequent tidying up outdoors. Cleaning gutters, the deck or patio, the grill, the garage, prepping the yard for barbecues and get-togethers, and so on are hallmarks of summertime cleaning. With the increase of outdoor activities, the house can quickly get muddy and sandy, so sweeping and mopping can often increase during this time. As pets shed their colder-weather coats, hairballs can gather in corners and under furniture, so it’s common to have an increase in vacuuming. An expansion in laundry with kids’ clothing and sports gear is almost a guarantee, as is the need for sweeping and mopping the floors more frequently with mud from outdoor shoes.
  • Fall cleaning is a bit like spring cleaning in that it directly follows a major season shift in weather, which comes with its own set of challenges. Fall cleaning includes swapping out seasonal items, dusting and scrubbing away the grit and sand of summer activities, prepping the house for the approaching cold of winter, and switching over to winter clothes.
  • Winter cleaning brings its unique checklist of tasks. Checking air filters, cleaning behind the refrigerator, cleaning the dryer vents, checking chimneys for excess soot, washing rugs, and oiling furniture are all tasks that can be delegated to the coldest weather.

Seasonal cleaning might not seem like second nature to most people, but assigning specific tasks to certain months can make a huge difference in how clean a house feels throughout the seasons. At Fiv5 Star Cleaning, we can make sure that your home sparkles no matter what season it is.