Seasonal Cleaning: A Breakdown

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Summer Cleaning

In the summertime, you want to ensure that you and your home are ready for fun in the sun. Focus these seasonal cleaning projects on things that you can do outdoors, and that will improve your outdoor living experience. We recommend the following:

  • Purge and deep clean the garage.
  • Stain your wood deck.
  • Deep clean your patio furniture. This can include staining wood, washing cushion covers, and vacuuming outdoor umbrellas.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of your windows.
  • Deep clean your vehicles. This can include shampooing your interior seats, waxing your exterior and more.

Seasonal Cleaning: A Breakdown

Fall Cleaning

Fall is a great time to prep for cold winter months, and to prepare to host family and friends for the holidays. We recommend the following:

  • Cleaning all of your air vents will help your heating system run more efficiently.
  • Change your air filters.
  • Vacuum the vents on your clothes dryer.
  • Deep clean your refrigerator.
  • Deep clean your oven.
  • Deep clean your pantry.

Winter Cleaning

Winter is a busy time of year with the holidays. Get your home ready for fun parties and cozy nights in by taking care of the following seasonal cleaning tasks:

  • Wash mattress overs.
  • Wash all bedspreads.
  • Rotate and store seasonal décor.
  • Vacuum and treat (if applicable) all furniture.
  • Flip your mattresses.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is where most homeowners like to hit the cleaning hard. We recommend the following:

  • Test the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • Purge your closet, toys, storage and more. Work to organize as many untidy spaces as possible.
  • Wash the shower curtains and liners.
  • Wash washable floor rugs.
  • Dust ceiling fans and lightbulbs.
  • Clean window coverings and blinds.
  • Deep clean carpet.