Does Your Residential Cleaning Service Do These?

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There are many ways to determine whether your residential cleaning service is top-notch. The professional manner they portray when they are in your home is one indication. Another is that they arrive when they say they will. Yet another is the list of things that they always do and those that they are willing to do, even if some are at an additional fee. It is often the fine details that demonstrate their passion for what they do, their dedication to their clients, and their experience. Here are a few of those tasks that you might be fortunate enough to experience if you’ve chosen a quality residential cleaning service:

  • Light switches and outlets were wiped clean

Does Your Residential Cleaning Service Do These?

  • Baseboards were cleaned
  • Microwave was cleaned inside and out
  • Area rugs were vacuumed
  • Spider webs were removed
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets were wiped clean
  • Bathroom towels were folded and organized
  • Wastebaskets were emptied
  • Windowsills were cleaned
  • Bed linens changed and/or bed made
  • Sofa pillows fluffed
  • Mirrors throughout the home were cleaned

Now, if you want to consider who goes above and beyond, ask if they’ll do other things that will make your life easier, such as walking your dog while they are at your home, running a load of laundry, or picking up your dry cleaning. While these tasks are not generally part of residential cleaning services, it is a bonus when you find a company that will step outside the box to help. That is what you can expect when you reach out to us at Fiv5 Star Cleaning. We love going above and beyond to be as helpful as possible. That might be why we’ve grown to have more than 550 homes to clean each month. Let’s add yours to the list! Contact us today to learn more.