Top 5 Essential Move-Out Cleaning Tasks

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Moving out of a home is never as simple as you expect it to be. It involves sorting through your things, getting rid of what you don’t need, packing everything into boxes, arranging for a moving truck, and loading all your belongings. With all the tasks you need to complete, it’s easy to forget about the importance of move-out cleaning.

Top 5 Essential Move-Out Cleaning Tasks

Move-out cleaning matters because it keeps the home or apartment in good condition while it is vacant. Otherwise, it gets the place ready for its new occupants. Before you say goodbye for good, make sure you don’t forget about these essential move-out cleaning tasks:

  1. Clean Cabinets – Because cabinets often contain food items, it’s important to clean them thoroughly before you move out. Leaving any crumbs behind is an invitation for insects and other pests.
  2. Take Out Trash – Leaving trash to sit for a long time is never a good idea. It’s even more important to take out the trash when people won’t be at home for a long time. Double-check that all your trash cans are empty to avoid pests and odors.
  3. Wipe Down Countertops – Countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms harbor all kinds of bacteria and germs. Wipe them down using a good cleaner before you move out.
  4. Mop Floors – Sweeping and vacuuming are important, of course, but the job isn’t finished until you also mop the hard floors. This keeps the floors in good condition.
  5. Sanitize Doorknobs and Handles – One of the last tasks to complete is sanitizing doorknobs and handles. Everyone uses these, so germs can spread easily when people touch them. Cleaning doorknobs and handles protects the people who will be moving in (if there are any).

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