Office Appeal: Property Management Cleaning for Your Employees’ Comfort

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With most cleaning services focusing on the home, it can be easy to forget that there is an entirely separate world of disinfecting and scrubbing out there: property management cleaning. This can refer to property rentals such as vacation homes or apartment buildings, but more commonly, it refers to commercial properties.

Office Appeal: Property Management Cleaning for Your Employees’ Comfort

Although most individuals don’t spend quite as much time at the workplace as they do in their own homes, that doesn’t mean the workplace stays squeaky-clean longer. If anything, the exact opposite can be true. Whenever a larger number of people are crammed into a smaller space for long hours, the place can get a little grimy, especially in common areas such as the bathrooms or an employee breakroom– not to mention all the dust and dirt that shoes can traffic throughout a workplace.

Property management cleaning has become especially important since COVID-19 swept through the world. Employees want to come to work feeling safe, comfortable, and secure. Ensuring that their place of employment is immaculate is a huge part of that reassurance, and our company, Fiv5 Star Cleaning, can make that happen.

Property management cleaning is more than just running a quick vacuum across any carpeted areas. It requires sanitizing desktops and office chairs. Any surface that is frequently touched by multiple pairs of hands, such as doorknobs and bathroom stall doors, need to be sanitized constantly. Under each cubicle desk can be a large tangle of computer wires that need to be vacuumed to avoid a dangerous backup of dust that can potentially overheat. Common areas, like the employee breakroom, generally have a collection of shared appliances that need to be thoroughly disinfected beyond what a rushed employee can accomplish after a quick lunch break.

Property management cleaning also comes with a large checklist of areas that the typical building manager or landlord might never think about tackling, and that’s where professional cleaning services come into play. Places like elevator corridors, parking areas, elevator cabs, stairwells, handrails, fire extinguisher boxes, garage areas, and so on are all areas that a property management cleaning checklist may include.

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