Is Hiring a Cleaning Service Worth the Extra Expense?

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Hiring a cleaning service is always tempting. It’s nice to have someone come in and clean your house from top to bottom. Have a ceiling-mounted projector or other hard-to-reach items? The cleaning service takes care of it for you. No more hauling ladders and cleaning supplies around.

Is Hiring a Cleaning Service Worth the Extra Expense?

With a cleaning service, you have more free time, but is the convenience worth the added expense? The answer is yes for most people, and they have a few reasons why they think the service is an essential part of their busy lives.

Reduces Stress

Chances are you have a friend or relative who loves to comment on the light film of dust on the shelves or the dog fur on the furniture. It may even be someone you live with.

Constantly worrying if your home is clean enough is stressful. You can be consumed with worry over dust bunnies and stray pet fur. It is all you think about, and the stress is starting to build up.

Between work, family, and other obligations, it is easy to run out of time to dust shelves and sweep underneath all of the furniture in your home. In some homes, cleaning takes all day. Essentially, it’s another job to fit into your hectic schedule.

You Can Procrastinate Without Guilt

Very few people raise their hands when asked if they like cleaning. It is often the chore continuously pushed to the bottom of their to-do lists. You look at house cleaning as only necessary when you start sticking to the countertops and floors. By the time you get out the mop and vacuum, every surface needs a thorough cleaning.

A cleaning service lets you procrastinate without feeling guilty. You get a clean home without having to lift a finger. Unexpected guests stopping by? No problem– your house is ready for even the pickiest neat freak.

If you aren’t planning on entertaining company, and no one else in the home minds the disarray, you may not need the convenience of a cleaning service. You can take care of the mess whenever you find the free time, but wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

You May Save Money

You’ve heard the adage “time is money”, and this applies to cleaning your home. The time you spend scrubbing floors, counters, and other surfaces is taking away from the other items on your to-do list.

When deciding if hiring a cleaning service is worth the extra expense, there’s a simple calculation that will give you the answer.

Take your hourly wage at work, estimate if you are salaried, and multiply it by the number of hours you spend cleaning the house. For example, if your hourly wage is $100 and it takes 5 hours for cleaning, you just spent $500, compared to the significantly lower rate cleaning services charge.

Schedule the Cleaning Service to Fit Your Needs

Not everyone needs a cleaning service to come in once a week. You can create a schedule that fits your needs and budget.

Schedule a monthly cleaning when you have a small home or live by yourself. Even with a significant other or roommate, you can still limit the number of times the cleaning service comes monthly. If everyone in the home is pretty good about cleaning up after themselves, you still may not need a weekly service.

Take a moment to think about what you need before hiring a cleaning service. It will save you time and money and ensure your home is always ready for company without any stress. Sometimes reducing the stress makes hiring a cleaning service worth the extra expense.