Don’t Keep the U-Haul Waiting: Less Stress With Move-In/Out Cleaning

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Moving is one of the most intensely stressful life experiences. Even before the physically demanding job of loading dozens of overstuffed cardboard boxes into a claustrophobically tight moving van, there is the endless barrage of smaller decisions that add to the inner turmoil. Did the bathroom towels get packed already? Where are the kids’ shoes? Did the cat’s litterbox end up in a plastic bin? The list of details can be massively overwhelming, and the last thing anyone needs to suffer through is cleaning your old home and your new home. That’s where our professional cleaning service, Fiv5 Star Cleaning, comes in to save everyone’s sanity with move-in/out cleaning.

Don’t Keep the U-Haul Waiting: Less Stress With Move-In/Out Cleaning

Pack the cleaning supplies and paper towels away– professional move-in/out cleaning services come equipped to scrub the entire home until it gleams. From vacuuming and window cleaning to floor mopping and deep cleaning all the nooks and crannies, our pros can confidently handle all of those time-consuming tasks so your family can move in peace.

The checklist of services for move-out cleaning can include some tasks like scrubbing the bathtub and toilet, cleaning the inside and outside of all the cabinets, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting baseboards and molding, dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, polishing appliances and mirrors, disinfecting the inside of refrigerators and stoves, and even sweeping out the garage or porch.

Not knowing whether the previous occupants properly cleaned everything before they vacated your new property can be a huge source of unease. Having a professional service handle move-in cleaning tasks like disinfecting surfaces, wiping down appliances, scrubbing bathrooms, and airing out the home is a huge weight off anyone’s shoulders. Particularly in a post-pandemic world, knowing that your new home is squeaky clean before you unload all of your precious belongings is incredibly important.

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