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We provide trustworthy and dependable babysitting services.

Whether you work away from home or have appointments you need to be to, sometimes it simply isn’t practical to bring your children along. As much as you undoubtedly love your children, you occasionally may need a short break from them in order to give them your best self. Here at Fiv5 Star Cleaning, we are in the business of helping our customers by making their lives a little simpler. One of the services we provide to reach this goal is babysitting.

Babysitting in Cornelius, North Carolina

At Fiv5 Star Cleaning, we have quickly grown from a small cleaning company that cleaned a few homes each month to a much larger company cleaning over 550 homes monthly as well as providing many other excellent services such as laundry, dog walking, and babysitting to customers in several areas including Cornelius, North Carolina. Our growth can be directly contributed to the consistently high-quality level of service we provide. People continue to trust us to come into their homes and take care of their families because we follow through with each task with a high level of care and professionalism.

Despite our rapid growth, we are still a locally owned and operated company that keeps very tight control on all operations. Our staff is carefully hired and trained by our owner herself, so you can trust your children will be in safe hands. We want to help make your life easier. If you need a date night or a few hours to attend a meeting or run errands, call our dependable team at Fiv5 Star Cleaning for babysitting services.

At Fiv5 Star Cleaning, we offer babysitting services in Charlotte, ConcordCornelius, Gastonia, and Mooresville, North Carolina, as well as Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Miami, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, Hollywood Beach, and Fisher Island, Florida.